Newsletter | September 6, 2023

09.06.23 -- A New Way To Capture And Recycle Carbon Dioxide From Industrial Emissions


Utilizing Thermal Mass Flow Meters To Optimize Thermal Oxidizer Performance And Reduce HAP/VOC Emissions

Many processes in the oil/gas refining, specialty chemical production, solvents, paint, coatings and photoelectric industries generate hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), which need to be removed from waste, flue and tail gases before emission into the environment to meet clean air regulations around the world. In addition to removing problematic greenhouse gases, emphasis is placed on eliminating toxins that can be harmful to industrial workers and the environment.


NO2 Analyzer (Nitrogen Dioxide) Datasheet

LGR’s NO2 Analyzer uses cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy to measure the mole fraction of nitrogen dioxide continuously and directly in flowing air samples. The Nitrogen Dioxide Analyzer is ideal for a wide variety of monitoring applications of this gas where extreme precision, accuracy and fast response are required. The NO2 Analyzer’s ease-of-use and durability make it an ideal choice for field, flight and laboratory-based applications. LGR’s analyzers are used by researchers, scientists, governmental agencies and intergovernmental organizations on all seven continents.


A New Way To Capture And Recycle Carbon Dioxide From Industrial Emissions

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