6000 Series In-Situ Process IR Analyzer

Source: Air Instruments & Measurements, Inc.

This is a non-sampling system, eliminating the cost and maintenance of a sampling system.
This is a non-sampling system, eliminating the cost and maintenance of a sampling system. The E-6000 series [E6200 with PC control] is an across-the-stream configuration with no hardware in contact with the sample. This produces an averaged measurement through the sample concentration gradients.

Eliminating the sampling system also increases the measurement speed and eliminates the possibility of sample loss.

CH4 * CO2 * CO * NO2 * EtO * HCOH * HC * HCl * H20

Requirements of E-6000 Series In-Situ Process IR Analyzer
-No sample contact
-Measures from on to six gases plus opacity and dust
-Meets EPA, RCRA, State and local agency requirements
-Accurate measurements
-Fast Response
-Automatic calibration
-Automatic temperature correction
-Digital Circuitry & signal transmission
-Stable alignment
-Low maintenance

Gas Stream Temperatures
Typical 100 to 200 ĵC [225 to 400ĵF]; lower temperature allowed if no water drops present (and the stack/duct diameter must be < 2m="" if="" water="" drops="" are="" present="" -="" consult="" factory).="" higher="" temperatures="" allowed,="" to="" 500ĵc,="" if="" no/low="" vibration,="" shorter="" pathlengths,="" and/or="" higher="""" the="" absorption="" strength="" decreases="" with="" increasing="">

Gas Stream Pressure
Atmospheric. If > +5 in or < -3="" in,="" special="" air="" purge="" required,="" if="" possible="" to="" apply="" the="" aim="" analyzers="" -="" consult="">

Stack/Duct Width
1 to 4 m preferred; 1 to 10m typically OK if other conditions met - consult factory. Pathlengths shorter than 1m require either an extractive system or a probe type in-situ system.

Flue Gas Dust Loading
Dust or aerosols will scatter the light being transmitted across the stream.. Prefer dust lading < 100mg/m3="" ;="" but="">< 250mg/m3="" is="" generally="" acceptable="" for="" stacks/duct="" diameters="" less="" than="" 2m="" (consult="">

Water Drops Present
Water (fog) drops will also scatter light, limiting measurements to < 2m="" diameter="" streams="" after="" a="" wet="">

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