420 Series

Source: Contrinex
420 Series
The delivery program includes sizes with diameters 6.5 mm smooth and M8.
The delivery program includes sizes with diameters 6.5 mm smooth and M8. These devices are distinguished by their extremely short lengths. The execution with right-angled cable output permits a further reduction in length. Introduced by CONTRINEX, these sizes correspond to all relevant standards, with the exception of their length.

All devices are available in 3-wir DC, NPN and PNP executions. Addition ally, the range contains devices with wires according to NAMUR (DIN / EN 19234). All 3-wire models are available in N.O. and N.C. configuration; a LED output state indicator is standard. In addition, all the important protection functions are built in, such as short-circuit and overload protection, full polarity reversal protection, overvoltage protection, EMC protection, power-on reset, etc. (only partially for NAMUR devices). CE conformity is achieved without the external protective circuit authorized according to the standard (EN 60947-5-2 /

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