2000 Edition Condensed Manual and Handbook Filter Media and Fabric Filter Aspects

Source: Filter Media Consulting, Inc.
More than 75 headlines and also 80+ topics on fabric filtration are discussed on 170+ pages
(For ambient, medium, high temperature (up to 500o F) and hot-gas (500o - 2000o F) fabric filtration)
by Lutz Bergmann, President

This condensed handbook is a valuable tool for users of fabric and cartridge filters, design and application engineers, supervisors, consultants, government agency personnel, original equipment and manufacturers of baghouses, fabric filters and accessories; in short all people who want to learn more about the most efficient pollution control equipment in a condensed reference book.

More than 75 headlines and also 80+ topics on fabric filtration are discussed on 170+ pages, topics such as materials, fibers, fabrics, finishes, cleaning methods, filter bag selection criteria, testing, start-up procedure, explosion prevention and many more.

Pleated dust type cartridge collectors have become very popular and compete with baghouse and fabric filters in numerous applications.

Super high efficiency cleanable HEPA filters are brand new to the U.S. They control toxic air emissions at efficiencies of 0.0001 mg/m3 and will be used in the future.

Industrial and utility coal-fired boilers represent one of the largest segments in fabric filtration, often related SO2 dry scrubbing systems work in tandem with fabric filters. Major factors are addressed.

Waste incineration and baghouse/fabric filter aspects are one of the fastest growing, relatively new fields as is hot-gas media filtration for temperatures between 500o - 2000o F (250o - 1000DC).

Finally, trouble shooting with more than 100 recommendations, what to do and where to look for adjustments take 15 pages and represent the latest technology in fabric filter operation.

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