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  1. Edeniq Supports First LCFS Pathway For Corn Kernel Fiber Cellulosic Ethanol

    On September 7, 2017, Edeniq, Inc.’s (“Edeniq”) President and CEO, Brian Thome, submitted written comments to the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) supporting final approval of Little Sioux Corn Processors’ (“Little Sioux’s”) application under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (“LCFS”) for a pathway for cellulosic ethanol produced from corn kernel fiber at its Marcus, Iowa plant

  2. Cleantech Solutions International Enters Into Agreement With ECoin Development For The Development Of A Cryptocurrency System To Power A Blockchain-Enabled Sharing Economy Ecosystem

    Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. ("Cleantech Solutions" or "the Company") (NASDAQ: CLNT) today announced that it has entered into exclusive discussions with ECoin Development Limited ("ECoin"), a private company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, regarding the development and operation of a cryptocurrency system to support the development of a sharing economy ecosystem based on blockchain solutions

  3. Green Business Certification Inc. Introduces TRUE Zero Waste Rating System

    Today, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green business industry performance and practice globally, unveiled TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency), the new brand identity for its zero waste rating system

  4. Increases In Wildfire-Caused Erosion Could Impact Water Supply And Quality In The West

    A growing number of wildfire-burned areas throughout the western United States are expected to increase soil erosion rates within watersheds, causing more sediment to be present in downstream rivers and reservoirs, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey

  5. Environment-Friendly Asbestos Removal Is Now Available In Maryland

    While it has been quite a few decades since the use of asbestos was discontinued on account of it being incredibly dangerous for one's health; in some cases even causing life-threatening diseases like cancer, the remnants of this material still loom around in some areas

  6. CO2 Solutions Announces Potential Commercial Project In Mining And Metals Industry

    CO2 Solutions Inc. (or the "Corporation") (TSX-V: CST), the leader in the field of enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology announced today that, in collaboration with Seneca Experts Conseils Inc. ("Seneca"), the Corporation will conduct a preliminary engineering study to assess the viability of applying its enzymatic carbon capture technology in a potential 32-tonne per day CO2 capture project for an undisclosed client in the mining and metals industry.

  7. Global Scientific Study Finds Microscopic Plastic Fibers Contaminating Tap Water

    Recently, Orb Media, a D.C.-based non-profit digital newsroom, released Invisibles: The Plastic Inside Us, the first ever global scientific study on the overwhelming prevalence of microplastics — extremely small pieces (less than 5 mm) of plastic debris resulting from the disposal and breakdown of consumer products and industrial waste — in tap water.

  8. Hidden Carcinogen Taints Tap Water, Consumer Products Nationwide

    An unregulated cancer-causing industrial solvent, which is also a hidden impurity in cosmetics and household cleaners, was found in samples from tap water supplies for nearly 90 million Americans in 45 states, according to test data from local utilities analyzed by EWG.

  9. California Regulator Approves Funding For ClearSign Demonstration With Major Refiner

    ClearSign Combustion Corporation (NASDAQ: CLIR), a leading provider of industrial combustion technologies that deliver unmatched reduction of pollutant emissions while improving operational costs, today announced unanimous approval for funding by the Board of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) during their September 1, 2017 meeting to demonstrate ClearSign's Duplex products within the Torrance Refinery

  10. Sidley Welcomes Environmental Partner Justin Savage In Washington, D.C.

    Sidley Austin LLP is pleased to announce that Justin Savage has joined the firm as a partner in its Washington, D.C. office