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  1. StormCon Poised To Draw Thousands Of Stormwater Professionals For The 16th Annual Surface Water Quality Conference And Exposition

    For sixteen years, government officials, private sector engineers, consultants, and solution providers have gathered at StormCon to address the fastest growing source of water pollution: stormwater runoff

  2. StormGeo Announces EU MRV Certification

    StormGeo's shipping division (formerly AWT) has received its certification as an EU MRV supplier by Verifavia Shipping

  3. Nineteen Top US Aquariums Join Forces To Tackle Growing Plastic Pollution Threat Facing Ocean, Rivers, Great Lakes

    Nineteen aquariums across the United States have joined forces and created a new Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) to address one of the gravest threats facing ocean and freshwater animals – plastic pollution.

  4. TEP Plans Next-Generation Power Plant To Support Solar Energy Expansion

    Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is seeking bids for the engineering, design and construction of an efficient new type of natural gas generator in Tucson that will help provide reliable electric service by supporting the expansion of renewable energy

  5. Extreme Low-Oxygen Eddies In The Atlantic Produce Greenhouse Gases

    In 2014, an international research team led by the Kiel Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel was able to investigate in detail eddies in the Atlantic Ocean which were characterized by extremely low oxygen concentrations

  6. Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Funding Supports $83M In New Technology Projects To Help Industry Deliver On Alberta's Commitment To Reduce Methane Emissions

    Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has committed funding to 12 innovative methane-reducing technology projects. The projects have a combined value of more than $83 million, and are approved for up to $29.5 million in ERA funding

  7. Neste MY Renewable Diesel Reduces Emissions Of Stara's Working Machines In Helsinki, Finland

    As part of Europe's largest coordinated advanced biofuels project BioSata, Neste provides Helsinki City Construction Services, Stara, with premium-quality, entirely waste and residue based Neste MY Renewable Diesel to be used in Stara's working machines and trucks

  8. Evoqua Acquires ADI Systems, Expanding Company’s Position In Industrial Wastewater Solutions

    Evoqua today announced it has acquired ADI Systems, Lange Containment and Geomembrane Technologies (ADI) from ADI Group Inc.

  9. Rigorous Review Of Zero-Emission Vehicle Regulations Along With Necessary Changes Required Says Auto Industry

    Recently the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment, and the Fight Against Climate Change issued regulations in support of Bill 104 – An Act to increase the number of zero-emission motor vehicles in Québec in order to reduce greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions

  10. FuelCell Energy Announces Renewable Power Project To Supply The California Electric Grid

    FuelCell Energy, Inc.  (Nasdaq:FCEL), a global leader in delivering clean, innovative and affordable fuel cell solutions for the supply, recovery and storage of energy, today announced the execution of a digester gas purchase agreement  and site lease with the City of Tulare, California