Voltage Motor Starters

Source: Motortronics, Inc.
Voltage Motor Starters
The voltage motor starters range from 1 to 7500HP with rating from 208V to 6900V
Motortronics, Inc.ortronics' exhibit (1860) features solid state reduced voltage motor starters ranging from 1 to 7500HP with rating from 208V to 6900V. These solid state soft start controls work in pumping applications and are designed to solve water hammer, torque shock and electrical disturbance problems that commonly occur when starting motors across-the-line.

Soft starting allows for the stepless acceleration of the motor and the load. In addition, the decel feature provides controlled stopping of pumps.

The Series is available with a built-in Digital Control Unit for set up and operation. This controller provides solid state overload and other protective features for both the motor and the soft starter. A gate firing circuit uses "ring transformer" isolation.

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