Newsletter | May 29, 2019

05.29.19 -- UPS Makes Largest Purchase Of Renewable Natural Gas Ever In The U.S.

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Quick Facts: Getting Glassy-Eyed About Air Pollution Containment?
By SOLVAir Solutions

Our brief but informative QuickFacts, “Getting glassy-eyed about air pollution containment?” focuses on mitigating flue gas emissions in glass furnaces, and how dry sorbent injection utilizing trona or sodium bicarbonate could be the solution.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer (H2S)

LGR’s Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer (H2S Analyzer) measures H2S in ambient air and in industrial processes with extremely high precision, sensitivity and accuracy. In addition, the H2S Analyzer can report measurements quickly over a very wide range of H2S mole fractions even in complex process flows.

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