Newsletter | January 6, 2021

01.06.21 -- Trump EPA Finalizes First Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards For Aircraft

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Endocrine Disruptor Compounds - Emerging Contaminants

The public has become increasingly aware of the presence of chemicals in the water supply. In addition, research has provided growing evidence that many chemicals and mixtures of chemicals potentially present in our environment may act to inhibit, mimic, or accelerate the functions of the endocrine system in humans and animals.

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Ammonia Analyzer - Trace (NH3)

LGR's new Ammonia Analyzer - Trace (AAT) provides fast measurements of ammonia in ambient air with unparalleled precision, sensitivity and time response. No longer do you have to wait for minutes before getting a reliable reading – LGR’s AAT provides measurements at 10 Hz with sub-ppb precision. In addition, the AAT can report measurements quickly over a wide range of ammonia concentrations. 

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