Tri-Flow Compact Filters

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

Tri-Flow Compact Filters
Supports and spacers are used only on horizontally mounted filters, to prevent distortion under load. The end result is rugged filter construction, and a filter system that combines exceptional performance with lowest life cycle cost.

Tri-Flow high-efficiency industrial dust collectors provide 3-5 times more filter surface area compared to similarly dimensioned bag (pocket) filters.

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An even greater increase in filtration area vs. air volume is achieved in comparisons with sleeve-type high efficiency filters.

Reducing the size of a filter not only minimizes manufacturing expense, but gives the OEM or end user valuable flexibility in where to locate the filter.

Tri-Flow compact filters from Tri-Mer are built to last.

Tri-Flow filters are self-supporting, and are made from proprietary filter media tailored to the application.

All media is pleated and continuously bonded for maximum dimensional stability and filter integrity. A rigid base molding protects the element; a resilient mounting flange provides an excellent dust seal, preventing bypass. Edge protection strips improve stability and prevent accidental damage. An aerodynamically-shaped top gasket optimizes the distribution of reverse-pulse cleaning air.

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