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The performance of a HEPA Filter in a smaller format, with “self-cleaning” technology.

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Tri-Mer’s Tri-Flow dry dust collector is ideally suited to applications involving submicron particulate and fumes. Performance, construction and maintenance are all superior to what’s possible with other dry dust collectors.

Tri-Flow dry dust collectors handle all particle sizes. Multiple media elements provide collection efficiencies from 99.850% at ≥ 1.0 micron to 99.9990% at ≥ 0.50 micron. These self-cleaning filters are MERV 15 & 16 rated.

Tri-Mer also offers MERV 13 rated elements with collection efficiencies of 99.50% at ≥ 10.0 micron PM.

Standard Tri-Flow capacities are 500 to 50,000 cfm; systems accommodate inlet temperatures to 200°F.

Other features include:

  • Exceptionally large filter media area: 3-5x more filtration area compared to filter bags
  • Robust construction; no support cages needed
  • Self-cleaning filter maintenance
  • Filter elements tailored to the application

Bag filters, cartridges and pocket filters cannot compete with Tri-Flow when it comes to performance, construction, maintenance, and Life Cycle Cost.

For wet dust collection, see Whirl / Wet.

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