Article | July 17, 2019

Quick Facts: DSI And Dry Sodium Sorbents … Three Amazingly Short Answers As To Why They Work So Well To Clean Flue Gas Emissions!

Source: SOLVAir® Solutions
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If you’re wondering about how well dry sodium sorbents work in Dry Sorbent Injection, these three amazingly short responses may answer some of your most pressing questions. For example, which is the more effective product for DSI – trona or sodium bicarbonate? What makes either product in DSI work so well? And must trona or sodium bicarbonate always be used in a DSI system? Keep on the lookout for our short but informative Quick Facts series, which addresses air pollution control, regulatory issues, and the concerns facing industries such as coal-fired power plants, cement, glass, biomass, energy-from-waste, industrial boilers, and pulp & paper mills.