Newsletter | January 4, 2005

1.04.05 -- The Secret Life Of Acid Dust
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The Secret Life Of Acid Dust
Dry dust reacts with air pollutants to form dewy particles whose sunlight-reflecting and cloud-altering properties are unaccounted for in atmospheric models. "Calcite-containing dust particles blow into the air and encounter gaseous nitric acid in polluted air from factories to form an entirely new particle of calcium nitrate," said Alexander Laskin, a senior research scientist at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington...

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CECO Environmental Receives New Order
Department Of Defense Funding Available For Environmental Research And Development
Two Federal Agencies Sign Watershed Management Agreement
NGWA Sponsors February Conference On Arsenic, Radium, Radon And Uranium
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Aqua-Cop VOC Analyzer
CAI's Aqua-Cop offers a simple, inexpensive method to determine volatile organics including halogenated hydrocarbons, MTBE, phenol, and inorganics such as: carbon dioxide and ammonia in waste waters, ground waters and process fluids. Downloadable product datasheet available...

Enabling Technologies Evaluation & Implementation
In today's rapidly advancing information management environment, Synterprise assists our clients by staying abreast of innovating innovative enabling technologies to recommend the best solution for seamless integration, visibility into cross-functional performance, and capital cost control...

Titan Industrial Gas Analyzers
The TITAN's demanding field-testing, rugged construction, robust calibrations, and easy portability make it ideal for applications such as continuous emissions monitoring of stack gases, Clean Air Act Title V permitting, field screening, or site characterization...

North American Green, the leader in the design and manufacture of erosion control solutions, has developed the lightweight, easy-to-handle SedimentSTOP Biodegradable Filtration System to filter sediment from stormwater runoff...

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Water Pollution Control
By Richard Helmer

This is a handbook for policy makers and environmental managers in water authorities and engineering companies engaged in water quality programs, especially in developing countries. It is also suitable for use as a textbook or as training material for water quality management courses...

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