Source: Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.
Features of the StructureScan
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to Nondestructively Inspect the Interior of New Concrete Structures

StructureScan Applications

  • Map the Location of Rebars and Conduits
  • Map the Thickness of Concrete Layers
  • Find Voids Behind or Under the Concrete
  • QA Check New Structure Construction
  • Inspect Concrete Walls, Floors and Decks
  • Support Columns and Beams
  • Tunnel Walls, Roofs, and Inverts
  • Parking Garage Inspections

Who Benefits from StructureScan?

  • Structural Design Firms
  • Building Rehabilitation Design Firms
  • Architectural Design Companies
  • Structural Inspection Specialists
  • Engineering Consulting Companies

StructureScan Advantages

  • Fast Evaluation
    Thousands of square feet of concrete can be inspected in a day.
  • Easy to Use
    Automatic Setup
  • Very Detailed Inspections
    The concrete is scanned every 1/2" (1.5") along a line

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