Newsletter | July 25, 2018

07.25.18 -- Southern District Of New York Dismisses Climate Change Case Against Chevron

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Measuring Methane Accumulations From Small Lakes Via Eddy Covariance
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

While wetlands are responsible for a relatively large percentage of methane emissions, some scientists have suggested that lakes and other bodies of water may also contribute heavily. Small lakes have higher methane fluxes per unit area than large lakes. Recent estimates have significantly increased the number of small lakes worldwide. New research efforts can help to determine the scope of these emissions.

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Dry Sorbent Injection With Trona Or Sodium Bicarbonate For HCl Treatment

SOLVAir Solutions conducted controlled pilot tests using CAPP coal which demonstrates the selectivity of sodium sorbents to remove HCl in a medium to high sulfur environment.

OTC Analgesic Manufacturer Selects Tri-Mer's NOx Scrubber Technology

This project was for a major manufacturer of a tableted OTC analgesic. The manufacturing process was being redesigned, and a critical aspect of the work was the re-engineering of a reactor.

Wastewater Disinfection In San Juan Cosala, Mexico

For the San Juan Cosala plant, CEA Jalisco evaluated disinfection using chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and also considered moving away from chemical disinfection entirely and converting to UV. This case study explains their evaluation process and why they ultimately decided to install UV.

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Aqua Scrub Low Pressure Liquid Phase Adsorbers

The Aqua-Scrub series carbon adsorbers are designed for use as a temporary or permanent treatment step in a variety of low flow and low pressure water treatment applications.

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