News | April 22, 2011

Solar Dryer Cuts Costs, Increases Efficiency For U.S. Water Treatment Operators

Source: Parkson Corporation

Parkson has completed the startup of two solar sludge dryers in the southern U.S., where the energy-efficient technology is helping to cut operating costs for public utilities. Parkson's Thermo-System Active Solar Sludge Drying System draws 95% of its drying energy from the sun to dry municipal sludge. This proven technology is already in use at more than 150 installations around the world, from the snow-covered mountains of the Swiss Alps to the hot and humid climate of south Florida.

The two newest installations are operating at 2.5MGD plants in central and southern Mississippi, where utility operators for the first time have the option of using a low-energy solution to dry sludge from plant lagoons and ensure that EPA regulated sludge storage limits are met. Due to the extremely low operating costs of the Thermo-System technology, annual operating savings of $1M year may be achieved at these plants compared to other alternatives like hauling and disposing of their wet lagoon sludge.

Thermo-System® installation - Southern, MS

Thermo-System® installation - Central, MS

Both sites were provided by Escher Equipment Company, engineered by Williford, Gearhart and Knight Engineering, and utilize the two-chamber Thermo-System design.

"These plants needed a sludge drying technology that could operate with low levels of electricity, operator attention and maintenance costs, and use no chemicals. We met all of their needs with the Thermo-System Active Solar Sludge Dryer. Many plants around the U.S. are trying to satisfy the same demands, and that makes us confident the Thermo-System will continue to help solve customers' issues," says Michael Hill, Biosolids Center of Excellence Leader for Parkson.

For more information on how the Thermo-System Active Solar Sludge Dryer can help solve biosolids handling needs in the most economical and environmentally-friendly manner, please contact a local Parkson Sales Representative or Parkson Corporation at 1-800-553-5419.

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SOURCE: Parkson Corporation