Newsletter | March 18, 2020

03.18.20 -- Shore Power Project Aims To Reduce Emissions For Gulf Coast

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Trace HCL Measurements In Coal-Fired Power Plant Emissions Using Cavity Enhanced Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Regulations recently promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require qualifying power and cement plants to monitor and control hydrogen chloride (HCl) emissions. These regulations call for HCl concentrations to be below 1 ppm for power plants and 3 ppm for cement plants.

Calcium (Lime Based) Sorbents vs. Sodium (Sorbents)

Both sodium and calcium sorbents have been used as dry sorbents for the mitigation of acid gas for the past 30 years with great success. This document itemizes the fundamental differences, pros and cons between them, and the properties that make sodium bicarbonate and trona well suited for air pollution control.

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