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Quick Facts: Looking For Clarity On Regional Haze Regs?
By SOLVAir Natural Solutions

Our latest short but informative QuickFacts focuses on the EPA’s proposed Regional Haze regs, developed to improve air quality and visibility in more than 150 U.S. national parks and wilderness areas.  

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Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (CO, H2O)

LGR’s CO Analyzer (carbon monoxide) reports accurate CO measurements at ambient levels with a precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second.

FTIR Fast Facts 3 (FTIR Benefits In Industrial Segments)

Midac’s technology is FTIR which is almost impossible to fool and I never get it wrong. It is such a general, and powerful, and easily modifiable tool that even if I get surprised — if the customer tells me one thing, later we build the equipment, go on site, and install it and it’s entirely different — no problem.

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PV Series High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers

The PV series carbon adsorber series is designed for use in a wide range of low and high flow and pressure applications. PV series adsorbers are available as single adsorbers or as a system of two adsorbers and piping manifold.

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