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Use Dry Sorbent Injection To Comply With Air Emissions Regulations
By Yougen Kong and Mike Wood, SOLVAir Natural Solutions

The lack of regulations on HCl has meant no published data on its removal with sodium DSI from utility boilers or in the presence of SO2 has been available. Concerns had existed regarding DSI’s use of sodium sorbents to mitigate HCl from a coal-fired boiler down to the limit in the Utility MACT (or MATS). Therefore, Solvay conducted pilot boiler tests at an independent site, the EERC facility at the University of North Dakota.

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FB Series Carbon Adsorber

The FB Series vapor phase carbon adsorption systems utilize a rectangular vessel design to provide cost effective removal of VOC’s from low to moderate flow air streams and other emission control applications. The rectangular-style adsorber results in a low pressure drop and effective utilization of activated carbon.

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