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California Power Utility Uses New SCU Media To Meet Nickel Discharge
By Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua was contacted by a large Southern California power utility. The customer was in the first phase of a large investment at the site and required assistance to drain a large cooling water intake system. Evoqua evaluated treatment with the new SCU adsorptive media and was capable of reaching the desired treatment goal.

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Quick Facts: SO3 Control — Not Just To Cure The Blues!

SO3 or the Blue Plume is not as notorious as SO2, Hg or HCl — but nonetheless is an air pollutant to be reckoned with. This article offers brief questions and answers about what it is and how and why it should be treated — most notably its impact on Mercury capture.

UV Treatment Gains Traction In Reuse Applications (Video)

Fresh off TrojanUV being named manufacturer of the year by the WateReuse Association, Water Online caught up with Jennifer Muller, Vice President of Global Municipal Sales for TrojanUV at this year’s WEFTEC, to understand how ultra violet systems are being applied in the growing movement towards direct and indirect potable water reuse.

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CO/CO2 Analyzer (CO, CO2, H2O)

LGR's new CO/CO2 Analyzer simultaneously measures ambient levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor with extraordinary precision in real time.  Of course, higher precision may be achieved with modest averaging.  (For simultaneous measurements of N2O and CO, please refer to LGR's N2O/CO Analyzer.) The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require any cryogens or consumables.

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