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Monitoring CO2 Sequestration Leakage Via Laser-Based Spectroscopy In The Field
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

Efforts to minimize the heat trapping effects of greenhouse gases on climate include purifying, capturing, and storing (sequestering) carbon dioxide in geologic formations. These formations include oil and gas reservoirs, saline aquifers, and coal seams. It is critical that the stored carbon dioxide does not leak back into the atmosphere too rapidly, and carbon sequestration sites are equipped with sensors to detect carbon dioxide leaks.

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Trona Application Guide

SOLVAir Select 200 effectively cleans flue gas by reacting with acid gases. Due to its effectiveness in removing SO3 which competes with Hg for adsorption sites, as well as its high surface area after thermal decomposition, SOLVAir Select 200 has demonstrated good Hg removal efficiency. Its other major benefit includes enhancing the performance of the Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP).

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Aqua Scrub Low Pressure Liquid Phase Adsorbers

The Aqua-Scrub series carbon adsorbers are designed for use as a temporary or permanent treatment step in a variety of low flow and low pressure water treatment applications.

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