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Measuring Methane Accumulations From Small Lakes Via Eddy Covariance
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

While wetlands are responsible for a relatively large percentage of methane emissions, some scientists have suggested that lakes and other bodies of water may also contribute heavily. Small lakes have higher methane fluxes per unit area than large lakes. Recent estimates have significantly increased the number of small lakes worldwide. New research efforts can help to determine the scope of these emissions.

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Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated With 1,4-Dioxane - Tucson, Arizona (Case Study)

The TrojanUVPhox installation at Tucson's Advanced Oxidation Process Water Treatment Facility treats 1,4-dioxane and produces water that is blended and then treated at the neighboring Tucson Airport Remediation Project facility. This purified water is supplied to nearly 50,000 end users.


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