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Monitoring CO2 Sequestration Leakage Via Laser-Based Spectroscopy In The Field
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

Efforts to minimize the heat trapping effects of greenhouse gases on climate include purifying, capturing, and storing (sequestering) carbon dioxide in geologic formations. These formations include oil and gas reservoirs, saline aquifers, and coal seams. It is critical that the stored carbon dioxide does not leak back into the atmosphere too rapidly, and carbon sequestration sites are equipped with sensors to detect carbon dioxide leaks.

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HCl And SO2 Mitigation With Dry Injection Of Trona Or Sodium Bicarbonate

The newly promulgated Boiler MACT as well as proposed Utility MACT regulations require HCl to be mitigated to extremely low concentrations. Most of existing air pollution control systems will probably not be enough to satisfy the very low limits.

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AquaCarb CX Series Enhanced Coconut Shell-Based Activated Carbon

An excellent alternative to coal-based activated carbon for removing disinfection by-products and tastes/odors from surface and groundwater sources.

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