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QuickFacts: Dry Sorbent Injection – Keying In On The Benefits!
By SOLVAir Natural Solutions

Our brief but informative QuickFacts, “Dry Sorbent Injection – Keying in on the benefits!”, focuses on trying to determine a cost-effective system for controlling a plant’s flue gas emissions…most specifically on the benefits of Dry Sorbent Injection, and how DSI testing at many power plants has often helped postpone their retirement.

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Vent Scrub Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers

Evoqua Water Technologies is the exclusive provider of Westates brand activated carbon adsorbers. Vent-Scrub vapor phase adsorbers are ready-to-use systems for treating VOC emissions and other malodorous problems. This series is ideally suited for VOC control and other similar waste and process water vent applications.

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