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Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring Helps In Global Climate Change Effort
By Jack Koeken, Sr Member Technical Staff, Fluid Components International (FCI) Europe

It is widely accepted now that rising levels of waste greenhouse gases (GHG) that result from industrial production and the everyday living practices of billions of people are the primary causes of global warming. Methane and other GHGs have been targeted as a primary area of concern and regulatory activity.

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Quick Facts: Getting Glassy-Eyed About Air Pollution Containment?

This installment of Quick Facts focuses on mitigating flue gas emissions in glass furnaces, and how dry sorbent injection utilizing trona or sodium bicarbonate could be the solution.

California Power Utility Uses SCU Media To Meet Nickel Discharge

Evoqua was contacted by a large Southern California power utility. The customer was in the first phase of a large investment at the site and required assistance to drain a large cooling water intake system. Evoqua evaluated treatment with the new SCU adsorptive media and was capable of reaching the desired treatment goal.