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Dry Sorbent Injection With Trona Or Sodium Bicarbonate Meets HCl Limit In Utility MACT

While many sites use sodium sorbents for removal of HCl, and many others for removing SO2 or other acid gases, there is a paucity of publicly available data on the removal of HCl in the presence of SO2, especially in the case of coal-fired power generation. SOLVAir Solutions conducted controlled pilot tests using CAPP coal which demonstrates the selectivity of sodium sorbents to remove HCl in a medium to high sulfur environment.

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Methane/Acetylene Analyzer (CH4, C2H2, H2O) - Ultraportable

LGR’s new Ultraportable Methane/Acetylene Analyzer (UMAA) reports measurements of methane, acetylene and water vapor simultaneously in a package that is compact, crushproof and travels anywhere.

FTIR Fast Facts 2

Jerry Auth, President of MIDAC Corporation, reviews the top three things to be considered when looking at an FTIR.

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SCU Trace Metal Removal Media For Removal Of Metals From Industrial Wastewater, Groundwater, And Stormwater Runoff

SCU Specialty Media removes trace levels of metals such as copper, zinc, lead, mercury, cadmium, trivalent chromium and others from complex wastewater to levels not possible with standard ion exchange resins.

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