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Importance Of Flare Gas Measurement Grows To Meet Environmental Regulations
By Jim DeLee, Sr Member Technical Staff, Fluid Components International (FCI)

In the oil and gas industry, regulations and requirements to measure, monitor and report flared gases continue to expand and extend. The U.S. EPA continues to focus on enhancing regulations aimed at reducing emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment.

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Midas Odor Control Media

Midas OCM is unlike any other odor control media that is available in the marketplace today. A special manufacturing process which combines selected active ingredients and premium quality bituminous coal gives Midas OCM an extraordinarily high H2S breakthrough capacity.

Handling Dry Bulk Solids: Lessons Learned From DSI Systems

SOLVAir Solutions' recent presentation reviewed procedures necessary for handling dry bulk solids in a Dry Sorbent Injection system. Respecting procedures to ensure safe unloading, keeping piping simple for timely offloading, controlling the transport air quality and flow as well as the moisture content by using accurate sensors and methods — each course of action contributes to the safe, efficient handling of dry bulk solids.

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Methane Analyzer (CH4, H2O)

LGR's Fast Methane Analyzer (FMA) provides continuous measurements methane (CH4) at speeds up to 20 Hz. The analyzer is simple to use, low power and rugged which makes it ideal for a wide variety of field studies that involve measurements of these greenhouse gases. The ability of LGR analyzers to make true measurements at data rates of 20 Hz makes them excellent choices for eddy covariance flux measurements and for mobile leak (e.g., natural gas, coal seam gas, coal bed methane) detection.

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