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Trace HCL Measurements In Coal-Fired Power Plant Emissions Using Cavity Enhanced Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
By Steve Gibbons, ABB and Jean Berthold, LGR

Regulations recently promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require qualifying power and cement plants to monitor and control hydrogen chloride (HCl) emissions. These regulations call for HCl concentrations to be below 1 ppm for power plants and 3 ppm for cement plants.

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Use Dry Sorbent Injection To Comply With Air Emissions Regulations

Dry injection of trona or sodium bicarbonate is a cost effective way to mitigate HCl, SO2 and SO3, and is compatible with ESP and Baghouses.  DSI is able to achieve high removal rates for HCl (>99%) and SO2 (90%).  It is effective over a wide temperature range (275-1500oF) and has been implemented at many coal fired power plants in the United States.

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GFH Granular Ferric Hydroxide Media

GFH ferric-based media ‚Äčis a specially designed adsorbent media based on granular ferric hydroxide. It is specifically designed for the removal of arsenic (arsenate (As+5) and arsenite (As+3) from water and can remove other heavy metals as well.

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