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Measurements Of Multiple Greenhouse Gases Using Novel Laser Absorption Based Analyzers
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

Scientists concerned with climate change study the origins and effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – gases that trap heat and cause a rise in global temperatures. Carbon dioxide generated by the burning of fuels is a well-known greenhouse gas. Another greenhouse gas is methane (CH4). In fact, methane has about 20 times more heat-trapping capability than equal amounts of carbon dioxide.

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Vent Scrub Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers Datasheet

Evoqua Water Technologies is the exclusive provider of Westates brand activated carbon adsorbers. Vent-Scrub vapor phase adsorbers are ready-to-use systems for treating VOC emissions and other malodorous problems.

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SOLVAir Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate

SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative approach for dry sorbent injection applications. It reacts very rapidly with acid gases and is able to achieve very high levels of removal of these pollutants when used in a properly designed DSI system.

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