Newsletter | July 17, 2019

07.17.19 -- New Pipeline System, Inventions, Enable Emissions-Free Liquid Fuels

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Gas Flow Measurement In Large Lines, Ducts And Stacks For Environmental Monitoring And Control
By Steve Craig, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Air pollution emissions monitoring and control begins with accurate and reliable gas flow metering. There’s an old industry truism that says “You can’t control what you can’t measure,” and that applies here. Process plants install the world’s most sophisticated air pollution control systems, but they can be ineffective if the flow meters they rely on deliver inaccurate or unreliable data.

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SOLVAir Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate

SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative approach for dry sorbent injection applications. It reacts very rapidly with acid gases and is able to achieve very high levels of removal of these pollutants when used in a properly designed DSI system.

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