News | May 11, 2011

New Parkson Thermo-System® Installation Will Be Largest Solar Sludge Dryer In U.S.

Source: Parkson Corporation

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Parkson's Thermo-System® technology has been selected for a state-of-the art solar sludge drying facility that will be the largest of its kind in the United States when completed in early in 2012. Drawing 95% of its drying energy from the sun, the Thermo-System® is a proven safe and efficient technology for handling biosolids which is in use at more than 150 sites around the world.

City officials in central California were looking for a green solution for biosolids management as part of a massive plant upgrade and they found it with Thermo-System®. After visiting the largest solar drying facility in the world, a Thermo-System® design in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, engineering officials asked Parkson to draft a similar design for Merced, CA. This design incorporates large drying chambers, oscillating-fan air circulation system, integrated sludge loading chamber, and a sludge tilling and aerating device known as the Electric Mole®.

The Thermo-System® is fully automated and will replace traditional sludge drying beds, thus enabling plant operators to reduce labor costs and meet higher treatment standards, while adding almost no new energy expenses. City officials were highly supportive of the Parkson design, because of its ability to produce dry, Class A biosolids.

The newest Thermo-System® design was designed by Stantech Engineering, which has constructed several similar facilities in California.

"With support from the engineer, Parkson showed city officials how the Thermo-System® is a very economical and environmentally sound solution for producing dry, Class A biosolids," says Michael Hill, Parkson's Biosolids Leader. "Communities in California and elsewhere are searching for ways to improve the capacity and performance of biosolids management; Thermo-System® is an ideal solution."

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SOURCE: Parkson Corporation