Datasheet | May 11, 2017

Methane/Acetylene Analyzer (CH4, C2H2, H2O) Datasheet

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

LGR’s Methane/Acetylene Analyzer is the world’s most advanced instrument for simultaneous measurements of methane, acetylene and water vapor. Quite simply, no other analyzer provides higher performance.

Measurement of acetylene can be extremely useful in tracer studies of landfills and other scientific studies. For these tracer studies, the ability to report with high sensitivity and accuracy over a very large dynamic range is imperative. The MMA is extraordinarily simple to use, requires very low power and is extremely rugged which makes it ideal for field studies. In addition, analysis of the measured absorption spectra allows the instrument to accurately correct for water vapor dilution and absorption line broadening effects and thus to report CH4 and C2H2 on a dry mole fraction basis directly without drying or post processing. Furthermore, LGR’s new “Extended Range” option provides accurate measurements at levels up to 10% (without dilution) without reducing precision and sensitivity at typical ambient levels.