Newsletter | July 7, 2021

07.07.21 -- Lawsuit Forces EPA To Protect People In Seven States From Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution

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DryTec FG500 Feeder

This cost-competitive feeder is ideal for food contact water treatment. It can hold up to 95lbs av. Cl. and treats at a rate of 35lbs an hour. Since the feeder works with DryTec® Food-Grade Briquettes it is ideally suited for water treatment in fruit and vegetable and irrigation lines. The FG500 is a capital friendly solution which requires no electricity and minimal maintenance.

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Methane Analyzer (CH4, H2O)

LGR's Fast Methane Analyzer (FMA) provides continuous measurements methane (CH4) at speeds up to 20 Hz. The analyzer is simple to use, low power and rugged which makes it ideal for a wide variety of field studies that involve measurements of these greenhouse gases. The ability of LGR analyzers to make true measurements at data rates of 20 Hz makes them excellent choices for eddy covariance flux measurements and for mobile leak (e.g., natural gas, coal seam gas, coal bed methane) detection.

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