Integrated System for Electrostatic Monitoring

Source: Auburn Systems
The Correflow ESM from Auburn International is the first integrated system to provide electrostatic monitoring
Auburn Systemsreflow ESM from <%=company%> is the first integrated system to provide electrostatic monitoring throughout a gas phase fluidized bed. Multiple point detection provides instant notification of catalyst feeder problems and excess particulate fines in the recycle line, as well as early warning of reactor upset conditions due to static build up or sheeting. The multi-channel ESM can monitor up to eight sensors, is designed for the harsh factor environment and is fully automated for unattended operation.

The system includes Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control, 4-2OmA outputs, and serial communications with various enclosure options for hazardous environments. The ESM Reactor Probe provides a real-time measurement of electrostatic conditions in the reactor. Carryover probes are used to maximize production rates in fluidized bed reactors. The ESM Catalyst Sensor measures individual catalyst pulses and can instantly detect partial or total feeder clogging as well as empty tanks.

Features include comprehensive electrostatic monitoring, continuous in-line measurement, no moving parts, no maintenance requirements, DCS interface outputs, high frequency response to monitor high speed pulses, and an indication of signal polarity (important for reactor sheeting warning).

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