Newsletter | October 9, 2019

10.09.19 -- Indiana University Researchers Monitor Airborne Pollution In Great Lakes

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Impressive Removal Rates Of HCI In Flue Gas Emissions

When used in a DSI system, SOLVAir Select trona or sodium bicarbonate shows extremely high removal rates of HCl at greater than 99 percent. Find out why chemistry has given sodium sorbents properties that make them particularly suited for air pollution control.

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HCl/HF Analyzer (Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Fluoride, Water Vapor)

LGR’s new HCl/HF Analyzer (hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride) measures hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, and water vapor simultaneously and continuously in ambient air or in industrial process flows (e.g., coal and cement exhaust streams) with extremely high precision and sensitivity. In addition, the analyzer can report measurements (on a dry and wet basis) quickly over a wide range of concentrations (mole fractions).

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