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The Hydro-Cartridge® is a pattented fiberglass stormwater pollution control device for inlet retrofitting that is designed to remove phase-separated petroleum hydrocarbons, sediments and floatable pollutants typically found in runoff flows.
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The Hydro-Cartridge® is a pattented (March, 1994-USPO# 5,297,367) fiberglass stormwater pollution control device for inlet retrofitting that is designed to remove phase-separated petroleum hydrocarbons, sediments and floatable pollutants typically found in runoff flows. The design philosophy is based on simple principles of hydraulic flow which create a separating effect that is especially efficient with the typical flow rates found during `first flush' rain events. The Hydro-Cartridge® maintains a column of water in the unit which creates the patented trapping effect; essentially, it is a vertical weir. This allows for immediate separation of phase-separated pollutants thanks to the period of detention time at the inlet funnel ofthe unit. Solids (density>>1.0) will precipitate to the bottom of the unit. IF the unit is not maintained properly (i.e. maximum holding capacity is reached) it will self flush to prevent ponding therefor it has a built in `bypass' capability.

A specially designed petroleum hydrocarbon absorbent filter, developed and manufactured by Advanced Aquatic Products Int'1, Inc., is located at the inlet on the surface of the water. The filter contains an advanced polymer absorbent material that has the property of solidifying all liquid petroleum hydrocarbons. AAPI's petroleum hydrocarbon filter design and related marine spill product line have been proven in numerous laboratory and field tests and actual use over the past 9 years. The filter will immediately absorb and permanently bind up these toxic hydrocarbons to prevent any leaching of sorbed petroleum hydrocarbons during more turbulent runoff flows. Additionally, this binding process allows for safe removal and disposal without any danger of a secondary release of the sorbed petroleum. This material may be inexpensively disposed of as a solid waste, or preferably may be sourced to an incineration or waste co-generation facility.

Since most inlets are already in the ground and in use the practicality of a retrofit solution has been proven during years of field use in South Florida communities. The Hydro-Cartridge® is easily installed and maintained by existing personnel and will fit the majority of existing types of drain inlet designs. It may be additionally utilized in the role of an inlet monitoring device to capture pollutants that have been illegally dumped into stormdrain inlets. During new site construction the Hydro-Cartridge® will act as a trap to capture sediments and constuction site runoff. Unlike most retrofit devices, the Hydro-Cartridge® is designed with a holding capacity to prevent small flows (5-30 gallons depending on the model) of hazardous fluids (density<<1.0) from reaching the drain structure. It has an estimated 20 year design life and comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Hydro-Cartridge® units have been in use in Coral Gables, Hialeah, Miami Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach, Florida since 1993 and numerous other cities and private businesses with great success. The strength of its design to survive the harsh environment of drain inlets and its ease of maintenance has been a factor in the success of NPDES programs utilizing the Hydro-Cartridge® Depending on the model Hydro-Cartridge® used, flow rates from 360 gpm (.802 cfs) to 3,514.3 gpm (7.83 cfs) are obtainable. Prices range from $749 to $1899 depending on the size of which the largest currently available will accommodate a DOT `E' size. Through the use of adapter plates, larger sizes may be accommodated. The cost of the special hydrocarbon absorbent filter is $12.25-$49.00, depending on tire model of unit, and generally only needs to be replaced once a year for `average' sites; more often for sites with large petroleum runoff loads. Due to its long life design, the amortized cost of acquisition, installation and maintenance over its useful life makes the Hydro-Cartridge® a very cost-effective NPDES pollution control device.

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