Newsletter | March 13, 2019

03.13.19 -- Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring

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Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring
By Allen Kugi, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Last year the EPA implemented new regulations entitled “Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases.” The new regulations called for certain facilities emitting 25,000 metric tons or more per year of specified GHG’s to provide an annual report of their actual GHG emissions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tri-Mer’s Odor Scrubber

Tri-Mer scrubbers are ideal for continuous, automatic odor control. Here are some questions we hear most often about scrubber operation.

Beneficiation Of High Sodium Fly Ash

This presentation reviews drivers for sodium dry sorbent injection, impacts of sodium in fly ash disposal, options for stabilization, and test results.

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Ammonia Analyzer - Economical (NH3, H2O)

Los Gatos Research's (LGR's) Ammonia Analyzer provides sensitive measurements of ammonia in ambient air or in process flows containing ethylene with extremely high precision and sensitivity. No longer do you have to spend a lot of money or wait a long time or rely on scrubbers to measure ammonia with high sensitivity — LGR’s Ammonia Analyzer provides direct measurements every second with ppb-level precision.

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