Newsletter | December 11, 2019

12.11.19 -- Global Carbon Emissions Growth Slows, But Hits Record High

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Modified Laser Absorption Spectrometer Permits Syringe-Sample CH4 Measurements In Peatlands
By ABB Measurement & Analytics
Peatlands represent a large source of atmospheric methane, a greenhouse gas with the potential for a much greater impact on climate change than carbon dioxide. Measurements of methane emissions from peatlands are necessary to promote an understanding of their environmental consequences.
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Case Study: NDMA Treatment For Water Reuse

Groundwater pumping in the Los Alamitos, CA, area over the last century has caused groundwater levels to drop, allowing seawater to intrude into the local groundwater aquifer.  Until recently, imported potable drinking water was injected into the aquifer. However, the Alamitos Barrier now utilizes highly-treated recycled water for this application, and our TrojanUVPhox is part of the process.

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SOLVAir Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate

For many years, sodium bicarbonate has been used to reduce acid gas stack emissions in industries including coal-fired power plants and waste incinerators. SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative approach for dry sorbent injection applications. It reacts very rapidly with acid gases and is able to achieve very high levels of removal of these pollutants when used in a properly designed DSI system.

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