Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps

Source: Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company
Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps
Mid Atlantic Pump and Equipment Company offers Myers' WG20 and WGX20 explosion-proof

Factory-assembled simplex or duplex packages with guide rail systems are available.

Grinder pumps for wastewater,stormwater,and numerous other applications are available in various sizes and configurations including pre packaged pump stations with up to four pumps.

Individual residential systems are avaialble for pumping into force mains (pressure sewers),treatment plants, or collection systems.Larger units for commercial, municipal, and industrial apllications can be provided in pre packaged pump stations.


  • Explosion proof motors for hazourdous areas
  • Custom Control Systems
  • Easy Lift out guide rail packages
  • Choice of various level controls

Sizes: 2-15 HP
Max. GPM: 185
Max TDH: 250
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