Newsletter | January 29, 2020

01.29.20 -- EPA Settlement With Gulfport Energy To Reduce Emissions By 313 Tons Per Year

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Dry Injection Of Sodium Sorbents For HCl And SO2 Mitigation: Effects Of Using Mills

Dry injection of sodium bicarbonate or trona offers a cost-effective application for acid gas mitigation, with both able to remove over 99 percent of the acid gases — although a plant’s operating conditions will ultimately affect the performance of the dry sorbents in acid gas removal. This document describes the technologies of milling trona and sodium bicarbonate, the pros and cons of each technology, capital and maintenance costs of mill systems, and good system design principles.

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Ammonia Analyzer - Trace (NH3)

LGR's new Ammonia Analyzer - Trace (AAT) provides fast measurements of ammonia in ambient air with unparalleled precision, sensitivity and time response. No longer do you have to wait for minutes before getting a reliable reading — LGR’s AAT provides measurements at 10 Hz with sub-ppb precision. In addition, the AAT can report measurements quickly over a wide range of ammonia concentrations. 

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