Newsletter | November 6, 2019

11.06.19 -- Danimer Scientific And UrthPact To Fight Plastic Pollution With New Compostable Straw

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Focusing On…Sodium Bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda) – Not Just For Baking

Environmentally clean, safe and easy to work with, SOLVAir's S300/S350 sodium bicarbonate is highly effective in Dry Sorbent Injection, reducing SO2, SO3 and HCl up to 99%.

Stormwater Management - Cog Moors Wastewater Treatment Works, South Wales (Case Study)

Wales is said to be wetter throughout the year than Northern Ireland and England, and is known for intense rainfall activity. Therefore, effectively treating and managing the country’s substantial stormwater runoff is of utmost importance. It’s also subject to increased scrutiny from governing bodies.

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H2S/NH3 Analyzer (Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Water Vapor)

LGR’s H2S/NH3 Analyzer (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide) provides sensitive measurements in ambient air or in industrial process flows with extremely high precision and sensitivity. No longer do you have to wait a long time to measure these gases with high sensitivity and accuracy – LGR’s H2S/NH3 Analyzer provides measurements every second with sub-ppm level precision. 

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