Newsletter | December 4, 2019

12.04.19 -- Considerations For Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring

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Considerations For Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring
By Allen Kugi, Member Technical Staff, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Last year the EPA implemented new regulations entitled “Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases.” The new regulations called for certain facilities emitting 25,000 metric tons or more per year of specified GHG’s to provide an annual report of their actual GHG emissions. 

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Cleaning Up Air Pollution In The Changing Industrial Landscape

Initially focused on air pollution control in power plants, SOLVAIR’s reach has expanded to include  glass, metal, carbon black, and cement manufacturers, industrial boilers, pulp & paper mills and more.

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O2/CO2 Analyzer (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide)

LGR’s O2/CO2 Analyzer is the first instrument capable of reporting molecular oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in air with extremely high precision and fast response. Designed for measurements in ambient air for applications requiring high precision, the O2/CO2 Analyzer applies LGR’s proven cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy technique for simultaneous continuous measurements of these three important atmospheric gases.

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