Codes And Regulations

Source: Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.
In the environmental, health and safety field, there are four major concerns
In the environmental, health and safety field, there are four major concerns:

1) Ensuring the safety of your facility and employees
2) Protecting against environmental pollution
3) Employee health and safety
4) Meeting codes and regulations
Mech-Chem Associates Inc. can help you meet your environmental, health and safety goals and meet all the necessary codes and regulations. Every design, engineering and construction project done by Mech-Chem meets the codes applicable to the system or facility design including:

* EPA Environmental Regulations
* OSHA Safety Regulations
* NFPA Fire Protection Codes
* BOCA Building Codes
* ASME Codes
* API Codes
* B31.1
* UL

Environmental and Safety Compliance Services

* Compliance with existing and new OSHA, EPA and NFPA standards
* EPA hazardous waste management compliance
* Risk management program development
* Design, engineering, construction and installation of new systems
* Existing tanks, equipment, and containment testing and inspection

Mech-Chem's technical and engineering professionals are knowledgeable in the engineering, design, and construction as well as the testing and inspection of bulk storage facilities, piping systems, and secondary containment in such a way that they meet all the applicable codes and regulations.

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