Coater/Saturator Filter (CSF) Systems

Source: CECO Filters, Inc.
Coater/Saturator Filter (CSF) Systems
CECO Coater/Saturator Filter (CSF) Systems are designed and engineered to efficiently
CECO Filters, Inc.ilters Coater/Saturator Filter (CSF) Systems are designed and handle asphalt fume emissions that occur during coater/saturator processing of asphalt shingles, roofing felts, and shingle/paper.

CECO CSF Systems are available as complete, self-contained vessel systems for small to medium cfm volumes and in modular, shrouded filter designs for all volumes or multiple coater/saturator unit emission control. Both systems reduce visible emissions to <5% opacity. This technology includes easily changed bag roughing filters for insoluble solids capture, CECO N-Sert or X-Sert Prefilters for extended main filter life, and main CECO FlutePak filters with 60% more surface area for highly efficient fume elimination.

Steel blowers provide the required draft for system operation. Larger systems with more filter surface area are available to decrease pressure drop and further reduce operating costs. These include CECO Filter center rod tensioning to alleviate confined space entry requirements for unbolting filters from the system's tube sheet, shrouded filters that are easily lifted by forklift and can be changed at ground level, and Site-Pak segments designed for easy field repacking.

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