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Source: Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc.
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Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. now offers their SS Series Coarse Bubble Chamber diffuser for use in wastewater

Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. now offers their SS Series Coarse Bubble Chamber diffuser for use in wastewater treatment facilities, which require high volumes of air per diffuser for the generation of coarse air bubbles. Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. manufactures coarse and fine bubble gas diffusers used exclusively in the wastewater, water treatment, and the process industries. The unique open bottom design of this diffuser allows for the free operation of the device by providing an exit zone for solids that are present in the stream being treated. This design feature allows the solids to move freely in and out of the diffuser while it is operating. This exit zone prevents solids from becoming trapped and ultimately packing in the diffuser rendering it inoperative. The coarse bubbles are created with the air being introduced to the plenum chamber of the diffuser via a ¾ in. NPT fitting. The gas displaces the water filling the plenum chamber to the orifices.

The orifices are defined on three horizontal planes located lengthwise on the two sides of the diffuser plenum chamber. The gas then flows from the diffuser via the orifices found on the sides of the diffuser plenum. The bubbles form as a result of a shearing action taking place between the orifice, gas, and liquid. The SS Series Diffusers offer the user a variety of advantages for prolonged cost PIC effective operation. These features include open bottom exit zone design offers clog free operation, corrosion resistant all stainless steel construction, cast stainless steel 3/4 NPT nipple end cap with a webbed structure matrix to provide maximum strength while eliminating deflection, diffuser body is formed and welded for maximum strength to the cast end piece, diffusers are available in 12 in. and 24 in. sizes with air flow ranges from 2-50 CFM.

Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. 1776 Mentor Ave, Suite 360, Cincinnati, OH 45212. Contact: Steve Deiters, 513-531-4426; Fax: 513-531-4436.

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