Ceramic Gas Diffusers

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Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. has a line of ceramic gas diffusers designed specifically for supplying superior

Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. has a line of ceramic gas diffusers designed specifically for supplying superior dissolved oxygen levels for water and wastewater treatment applications requiring enhanced performance or stringent D.O. discharge limits. Fine bubble diffusers have long been recognized as one of the most efficient and high performance devices for the interfacing of gases to a liquid medium for maximum oxygen transfer efficiency. The relatively small bubble produced by these diffusers provides an extremely high ratio of gas/liquid interface per CFM of gas supplied. This ratio, coupled with an increase in contact time due to the slower rise rate of the fine bubble, accounts for the high efficiency of these devices. This higher efficiency means more gas interface per energy and gas dollar expended. As with any diffuser, the efficiency of the device is directly related to tank depth and gas flow per diffuser.

The Model FBP/FBS series differs are constructed of corrosion resistant materials and designed for years of trouble free operation. The FBP diffuser features an ABS plastic base, while the FBS diffuser features a heavy duty, #316 stainless steel base. These ceramic diffusers feature a dome shaped ceramic diffusion devices constructed of a porous aluminum oxide material. This duty-efficient material provides uniform permeability for bubble formation as well as strength and resistance to wear for a long service life. Both diffusers utilize a ¾ in. NPT fitting to connect the piping manifold. They are vertical format diffusers, making easy installation in fabricated piping diffusion systems. Both diffusers have optional gasket materials to meet the needs of the customers application.

Typical applications for the ceramic fine bubble diffusers include:

Biological Wastewater Treatment:

  • Suitable for applications with high oxygen demand for the biomass
  • Boosting dissolved oxygen levels prior to discharge from the treatment plant

Potable Water Disinfecting:

  • Diffusers used to introduce ozone gas for disinfecting purposes. pH adjustment using gas

Groundwater Remediation Sites:

  • Stripping of VOC's from open & closed loop systems as well as in situ formats

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