Biological Process

Source: Lemna Technologies, Inc.
Using the properties of a plant called Lemnacae, or duckweed, ...
Lemna Technologies, Inc.the properties of a plant called Lemnacae, or duckweed, which is believed to be a species millions of years old, a wastewater treatment process now being used in many locations is helping to achieve 99% removal of BOD and TSS, as well as phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, and other substances. Said to have the potential to cut capital and operating costs by as much as 50 % in comparison to some conventional mechanical/chemical processes, the Lemna System's plants block sunlight, suppress algae growth, and prevent the escape of odors. A floating barrier grid divides the duckweed mat into 10-ft squares, which dampen wave and wind effects and help maintain quiescent conditions in the water below. Sedimentation and anaerobic decomposition are enhanced, uninterrupted by variations in temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen concentrations. Very little sludge is produced by the process.

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