News | August 11, 2014

Beltmann Updates Its Fleet To Meet New Diesel Emissions Rules By California Air Resources Board


Beltmann Relocation Group, a nationwide moving company, is pleased to announce that it is an early adopter of new California emissions standards, ensuring that there is no loss of service for customers.

Santa Fe Springs, CA (PRWEB) - National moving company Beltmann Relocation Group, one of the nation's oldest and largest moving companies, has completed updates on its fleet to meet the new emissions standards established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Beltmann is leading the way for North American Van Lines (NAVL) agents in completing these requirements.

The new regulations are intended to reduce air pollution caused by trucks and buses. The CARB rules were passed in conjunction with changes in federal standards. Newer trucks were required to meet the new CARB rules by January 1, 2012, but older and lighter trucks had until January 1, 2015 to make the changes.

"We are proud to be an early adopter for these new regulations, which will help to improve the environment and create cleaner air for everyone," said Dave Burns, the General Manager of Beltmann Transportation Services. "Making these changes early, ensures that there is no disruption of service to our customers."

Companies, who are not prepared when the deadline arrives, can experience a reduction in service. Some moving companies have reported they are unable to afford to buy new equipment or to upgrade older equipment, so they are choosing to discontinue service in the state altogether.

Beltmann is ready to handle moves in and out of California, ensuring that there is no loss of service. Beltmann offers moving services in top cities, such as the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, as well as offering services for long-distance moves across country and is prepared to fill the voids of other carriers who are unable to meet their capacity demands in and out of California. The company offers a competitively priced menu of moving services.

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