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BELCO Technology Offers Strict Low-Temperature NOx Reduction At EU Steel Company

St. Louis, MO (BUSINESS WIRE) - In 2023, a global leader in steel production selected Elessent Clean Technologies (Elessent) for the provision of a BELCO® integrated gas cleaning solution for installation at their pellet plant for the removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), hydrogen chloride (HCL), and hydrogen fluoride (HF). Elessent is proud to announce that the engineering for the steel company’s largest environmental installation has been completed.

The steel company is undertaking an aggressive overall improvement program aimed at meeting tightening environmental regulations in the European Union, and this environmental installation is a major project within this program. BELCO® gas cleaning technology is being utilized for its proven ability to provide significant reductions in emissions, and it is an integral piece of the project. The company is targeting an 80% reduction in NOx emissions.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, CEO, Elessent Clean Technologies, comments, “For many of our customers, environmental stewardship is a priority. They want to limit emissions but need efficient systems that enable them to achieve their goals reliably and consistently. By developing custom emissions control solutions, Elessent is delighted to be able to integrate BELCO® technologies into the steel industry and help customers meet site-specific environmental concerns, as well as operational targets.”

The BELCO® technology uses a unique proprietary design for the control of NOx and other contaminants. For control of NOx emissions, the BELCO® gas cleaning system uses the LoTOx™ process from Linde LLC. In the LoTOx™ process, NOx compounds are oxidized with ozone to form compounds that are easily removed from the flue gas by the same liquid-gas contact in the scrubber that removes particulate and SOx. The process is fully automated, and the custom-designed gas cleaning system comes with built-in control analyzers that allow for constant online monitoring.

Elessent offers a comprehensive range of gas cleaning solutions tailored for industrial applications, which includes the renowned BELCO® wet scrubber and advanced low-temperature NOx reduction technologies. These solutions effectively manage particulate matter, SOx, NOx, and other emissions, ensuring compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations. With over 150 installations worldwide, BELCO® wet scrubbing technology is the industry benchmark for minimizing flue gas emissions from oil refinery processes. Its unique design includes a single up flow tower with robust, non-plugging features, ensuring reliable performance. Additionally, BELCO® wet scrubbing technology is equipped to meet the demanding requirements for flue gas conditioning before carbon capture processes. The low-temperature NOx reduction technology employs a straightforward ozone oxidation process, converting NOx into water-soluble compounds that are effortlessly removed through wet scrubbing. Discover more at

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