AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System

<b>AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System</b>

REDUCE CORROSION! REDUCE COSTS! Eco-Tec's AmiPur®-PLUS Amine System continuously removes heat stable salts from amine solutions, ensuring stable, consistent operation of the amine scrubbing solutions.

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Brochure: AmiPur-PLUS
Datasheet: Amine HSS-PAK™

What is an AmiPur®-PLUS System?

The AmiPur®-PLUS Amine System is a skid-mounted, compact system that continuously removes Heat Stable Salts (HSS) from amine solutions. The AmiPur®-PLUS removes HSS allowing for consistent, reliable performance of amine units with minimal attention.

AmiPur®-PLUS employs Eco-Tec’s proprietary Recoflo® ion exchange process which has been used in hundreds of chemical recovery applications since 1971. The Recoflo® ion exchange process is ideal for amine purification. A number of distinctive features (short resin columns, fine mesh resins, countercurrent regeneration, etc.) provide high performance amine / HSS separation in a compact, fully automated package.

*Reduce maintenance
*Reduce amine make-up
*Reduce filter replacement
*Reduce steam energy consumption
*Reduce additive usage
*Reduce foaming
*Reduce corrosion
*Reduce costs

AmiPur®-PLUS ensures consistency in operational performance while offering long term cost savings* as a result of up to:

• 35% less NaOH usage
• 35% less waste volume
• 22% less water usage
• 75% less resin used

*per kg/hr of HSS removal
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Click Here To Download:
Brochure: AmiPur-PLUS
Datasheet: Amine HSS-PAK™