AA-250 Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger

Source: Xchanger, Inc.
AA-250 Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger
This new model fills the need for a low-cost cooler for flows less than 300 SCFM
As the smallest, lowest-cost AA Series heat exchanger, this new model fills the need for a low-cost cooler for flows less than 300 SCFM.

Nominally rated for 250 SCFM, this new heat exchanger is an economical cooler for smaller air flows. It is typically capable of cooling hot air streams to within 15ºF of ambient, with a pressure drop under 0.3 PSI.

Air cooled heat exchangers can be practical alternative to liquid cooled exchangers. They are usually less costly to install, requiring only wiring, as opposed to coolant supply & return lines.

The core in Xchanger, Inc's AA Series exchangers consists of 100's of separate alternating horizontal and vertical channels. The process airstream flows through the horizontal channels and is cooled by ambient air that's pulled through the vertical channels by an electric fan. The free-flowing design of the core minimizes pressure loss and their extra-large surface area enables compact units to perform substantial heat transfer duties.

In a typical installation, the process airstream can be brought to within 15ºF. of ambient air with a 0.25 PSI pressure loss. Temperature drops of 300ºF to 400ºF are common. Models are available for air flows to 3,5000 SCFM and for pressures from full vacuum to 50 PSIG.

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